Words cannot express my gratitude to Michelle for all her help in the sale of my home. I meet a total stranger and she comes through on all fronts making this process a smooth transition. I had been in my home for over thirty years, that's a lot of history (and a lot of accumulation!). Thinning  it out and preparing to leave it was extremely overwhelming. Michelle was a complete professional, gracious and never demanding. I was allowed to set the pace. Her knowledge of marketing, pricing and staging was exceptional and I am sure that's why we sold quickly and at top dollar. Michelle was an excellent guide through this entire process. I would recommend Michelle Velasco to anyone selling their home or needing any real estate transaction. Thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart and thank you for becoming a friend. - Claire B., Seller

Michelle was referred to us by a colleague who had purchased a property through her recently. My wife and I have seen and worked with quite a few real estate agents in the past; and Michelle definitely is one of the best. She has the knowledge and skill in the profession, and has passion and  dedication to her job. She has keen observation on the market. Most of all, we like her honest opinion. We have no hesitation to recommend her to any of our friend if they want to buy a property in South Bay.  - Peter Y., Buyer 


When my husband and I started looking for a home, we went through several agents on and off for almost 5 years since we got married. Those agents were always "helpful" in the most basic way. What I meant by basic was that we ended up finding a lot of the properties ourselves from online websites,  and all the agents did for us were processing paperwork and open properties doors with their realtor keys. We'd look for a year, and stopped. A year later, looked for a few months with a different realtor, and stopped. After awhile, we felt that having a realtor was not necessary, and we should just buy a house on our own, and use the seller's realtor. We bid so many houses (with and without a realtor), and did not end up getting any of them. It was an exhausting process.

When my friend told me about Michelle, she came highly recommended. She sounded too good to be true that we had to find out for ourselves. And we were so glad that we did.

Michelle was proactive and very professional. She knows her stuff well. What she doesn't know, she tells us honestly, and find out the answer for us. She's transparent. She doesn't let us settle for less. She explains everything to us. She finds us solutions. She gets things done. She contact us almost every other weekend to schedule viewing. We bid and lost a few house, but she was always upbeat and never let us feeling down for too long. And at the end, she found us our home. Even after the house purchase was done, she continues to call us and check up on us. I will continue to recommend Michelle to all my friends and relatives. - Apple D., Buyer


Michelle recently helped me sell my home in the Southbay. Not only is she tech/internet savvy and up to speed on modern marketing techniques, but she is very strategic and obtained the best possible results for the sale of my property. She "staged" the home, had professional photos taken, created a tour video including aerial shots, and advised me on what repairs/touch ups should be done to make the property more saleable.

With Michelle's preemptive philosophy, she addresses most issues before they can even arise. And when something does come up, she has the experience, knowledge and expertise to effectively address them.

Selling my house was a very emotional process for me and Michelle is not only an exceptional technician when it comes to the sales process, but she's a wonderful and warm "hand holder" as well. She helped me get through a particularly trying time in my life. I can't praise her enough.


Michelle, provided me with a great and easy service, she went up and beyond what she needed to do and takes her job very seriously. We ran into issues selling my house and she did what she needed to do to help resolve the issues and get my house sold in a timely matter. With that being said I  would recommend Michelle Velasco, to anyone looking for a awesome Realtor, There is an old saying , When you've gone to the rest go to the best, and trust me she's the best. - Anthony P., Seller


 Michelle was fantastic to work with. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who asks about a realtor.

Her personality is full of energy and the drive to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. My family was moving from the other side of Los Angeles, so our availability to
  look at properties was erratic and often inconvenient. Michelle could not have been more accommodating.

We looked at numerous homes in a variety of areas, and her knowledge of each never failed to impress. From comps, to local amenities, to neighborhood personalities, Michelle had hard data on it all.

When we finally found what we wanted, Michelle guided us through the offer process and into the closing process with ease and responsiveness. That period of time can be very stressful, with all of the decisions, money, and time involved. And yet with Michelle's help, it all went so smoothly. Questions were answered promptly. Advice was given when asked. Updates where delivered immediately, without the need to pester.

And even more than a year after we moved into our new home, Michelle is still in touch. She knows that physically moving into a new house is only part of the process of living in it. She has given us great suggestions on local services. Michelle makes sure that your relationship is not just a business one, but a personal one as well. - Brad R., Buyer


The level of Michelle's skills and service in every phase of the real estate process are second to none. Preparation, staging, listing, negotiating and following through are areas in which she excels. We recommend Michelle with no hesitation at all! - Diane M. 


Michelle was such a blessing! She was kind and honest. Her knowledge of the area helped us pick a competitive asking price, which marketed well. She was instrumental in addressing issues to ensure the transaction went as smooth as possible. I really appreciates her professionalism and commitment.  I highly recommend her! - Jen M.


When my wife and I had to short sell our house we had no idea how to go about it. We had, however, heard many scary stories about how difficult and frustrating the process could be - especially if you get stuck with the wrong real estate agent. From the very first meeting with Michelle, we knew we had found someone truly special. Michelle offers the rare trifecta of being extremely intelligent, incredibly detail oriented AND a wonderfully friendly, outgoing personality. We really appreciated the fact that Michelle was always on top of the situation, giving us weekly (sometimes daily) updates on the progress of the sale, and whenever possible, she would set up the paperwork to be electronically signed to save us time. And when e-sign wasn't an option, Michelle was very flexible with our crazy schedules and was always on time to our meetings. Michelle epitomizes professionalism in real estate agents and I truly look forward to the day when were are ready to buy a new home, we will certainly be using Michelle again! - Jeremy H. 


My husband and I found Michelle Velasco thru the referral of a mutual friend and I cannot begin to express how grateful we were to find her. We were first time homebuyers and really needed assistance and guidance. Michelle took a lot of time and explained everything. I must add that even though I  am pretty tech savvy (love real estate websites & phone apps), without Michelle's expertise, negotiation skills, and intuition for real estate, our home purchase never would have happened. In any real estate deal, but especially is this tight market, you really need an experienced personal advocate and I cannot recommend Michelle enough. She is 100% sincere in her quest to finding the right home for you! We will absolutely use Michelle for future selling and buying. We are so happy to have been a client and become a friend. - Stephanie R., Buyer

Michelle Velasco's expertise and care for the client sets her apart and brings her above the rest. Her work ethic, honesty and true concern for her clients was really important to us and gave us complete confidence in her. She walked us through the process of selling our home and offered timely  strategy which allowed us to maximize our sale. I highly recommend you contact Michelle for all your real estate needs! - Jlynn L., Seller 


Michelle is the best in the business, she recently helped us sale our home. Her skillset was a perfect fit for what we needed: she's tenacious (never giving up and constantly staying on top of everything), she's an expert (was a pioneer in the short sale space) and she's personable (really has a heart for helping people and giving them the knowledge to make the right decision). We will definitely use her again and highly recommend her for any and all needs in the real estate space! - Tyra H. 


We met Michelle Velasco by chance (or rather providence!). After much frustration with house hunting & trying to find a relator that REALLY understood our needs & budget, I called her number from a sign I saw at one of the houses we were looking at. She was immediately helpful & upfront by telling  us details about that particular property that did not match the brief criteria that I had shared with her, BUT if we wanted to meet her in person, she was sure she could help us. So we scheduled an appointment & met with her at her office. My initial impression of her was~ "she is sharp, very professional and extremely warm & friendly". We had not met any relators like her! Within hours she had a list of houses that we began walking through. She had the details on every one! We toured only a few houses (it didn't take much for Michelle to get who we were & what we wanted) and she found it! The perfect house for us! She works fast, she is on top of EVERY DETAIL! She works so hard for her clients & was always available when we had questions. She is amazing Relator but honestly, she is also a wonderful person. At the end of the whole process I was SO thankful we were led to her. Don't waste your time looking for another relator, you found the BEST right here; Michelle is fabulous!!! - Aimee H., Buyer


I had the privilege of meeting Michelle through a referral from a friend who had used Michelle. She came highly recommended and it was easy to see once I started working with Michelle why! Michelle helped me with the purchase of my 1st investment property and was an excellent resource through every step of the process. She has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, especially as it pertains to short sales and works with the highest integrity and is driven to get results! I am so pleased with my 1st purchase and Michelle made it as painless and easy as possible! Thanks Michelle - Wendie M. 


Michelle was knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process. I seldom had questions because she covered everything right from the beginning. I was relaxed because I was aware of each step along the way, starting with the listing, through escrow and in closing. I would highly  recommend Michelle. She was a delight to work with and her communication skills enabled you to be a part of and understand each step of the process. - Lorelei M., Seller


Michelle is a rare gem! Her combination of skills runs the gamut from the very start of the process to the final closing. The staging touches she incorporated into our 1986 home made our property look like a model for a new home. Her expertise in the pricing, marketing and negotiating processes  led to a quick sale and very smooth closing process. Although we have moved across the country, Michelle will remain a lifelong friend. - Diane P., Seller


She very helpful, hard workings, patient, good listener, honest.knowledgeable for what she's doing. Want the best for her clients. I got our house 2014, We closed escrow Sept. I was very happy that she found us, our perfect house! I could not asked for more. She got everything we wanted in a  house. Best neighborhood, best school district, walking distance to school. Thanks Michelle! - Emmy L., Buyer


Our experience with Michelle was exemplary. After several other agents that were mediocre at best, we were happy to find someone as passionate and detailed as her. - J.T., Buyer


Michelle is an excellent Realtor. I would use her to purchase additional property in the future.
She was extremely professional and went the extra mile. She provided current statistical data, evaluation of properties and historical data.
Michelle knew the type house that I was looking for and found me the "dream house". She was efficient and did not wast my time showing me properties that did not fit my criteria. 
She is a great negotiater and makes sure that the process goes smoothly. 
I can not say enough good things about Michelle. She is passionate about her work.


My fiancee and I bought our first place and to make it more complicated, first investment property. Michelle held our hands throughout the whole thing. She explained everything thing to us in detail. She responded to emails and calls as soon as she could. I think the longest i waited for an email  response was a couple of hours.

Michelle is truly wonderful. She is on top of the process and very accommodating. Oh and very energetic. - K.F., Buyer


Very knowledgeable of the area, and was very good at not letting me settle on the first property I saw. She was very patient in working with me, and helped me find my first property. I will definitely be working with Michelle, and her team when I get ready to buy the next property. - JB Custom, Buyer


I met MichelIe at church one Sunday though my Niece...I had mentioned to her that I was a first time buyer and wasn't sure I could afford to purchase a home in the area. She asked if I would meet with her to see if I could get pre-qualified...and as it turned out, I qualified for a larger amount  than anticipated... After that, Michelle I and started looking at different prospect's in the South-Bay area from Hermosa to Long Beach...She was very patient with me and took me to various places to give me an idea where I could buy... We usually met 2-3 days a week where she would have appointment's all set-up ahead of time... We must have looked at 20--30 prospect's before I found a place to my liking... After that, Michelle handled all the communication's and needed paperwork to start the purchase process. After the offer was accepted, Michelle was able to send the majority of paperwork though email for all the needed signature approval's. This was nice not having to run back and forth for sign-off's... I'm now a happy first time buyer... I must say, I felt very comfortable with Michelle...She has a great personality...She is very professional and works well between seller and buyer... Yes, I highly recommend Michelle!! - R. F., Buyer


Michelle Velasco handled the sale of our house with so much expertise and care. She was always able to answer our questions, and guided us through every step along the way so patiently. She gives personal attention, and truly cares about her clients and supporting an outcome in the client's best  interest. I recommend Michelle without hesitation to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. - Melinda K., Seller


Michelle is very professional, punctual, and polite. She brings her "A" game all the time. She makes sure everything is perfect. I would give her six stars for everything if I could!!!! - Jamie R., Buyer


When we first met with Michelle, we weren't sure what we could sell our home for. We knew the house next door was sold in short sale about six months before - only for a low price. So we were pleasantly surprised when she presented information about local sales in our neighborhood and explained  that property values had gone up significantly. She advised us that if we priced our house strategically, we could possibly get multiple offers. And she was right! We received a dozen offers, had a bidding war and sold the property significantly more than what we initially had even hoped for. Thank God!

Michelle is not just a really nice person, but a total professional. There was a lot going on but she kept us informed at every step of the process. She gave us advise on how to prep our property before we put it on the market, held open houses and at one of them, we even had over 100 people come through! She helped negotiate with the multiple offers we received and even though it was a bit nerve-wracking at times, it all came together just as she said it would. We felt like we were in good hands throughout and would highly recommend her to anyone considering selling their property for top dollar. Heck, we'd recommend her to the moon and back! - Aimee W., Seller


Working with Michelle to purchase my first home was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Her knowledge and expertise in the South Bay area made it easy to find the perfect home I was looking for. She is friendly, efficient, and has her clients' best interests in mind. It is my pleasure to  highly recommend Michelle Velasco. - Kevin G., Buyer


Michelle helped us find the perfect home. She really listened to us and took the time looking at house after house with us to determine what was important to us in a home. She was very patient and helped us navigate through the evaluation process when making important decisions like neighborhoods  that retain value (location), "upgrades," lot choice and inspection results. Michelle is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She saved us a lot of money and was very persistent in persuing the previous owner's agent. She was a go getter when we needed her to be and truly cared about our happiness in a home. She really cares about her clients and will go the extra mile. We would highly recommend her as an agent (buying or selling). She was a joy to work with and made the whole process of buying a home less stressful and fun. - Tahnya N., Buyer


Michelle was very helpful and diligent in helping me find just the right investment property that I could also live in. She would often say, "Anyone could find a property, but buying a "deal" on the other hand, was a different story." She worked hard to negotiate through all aspects of the deal and  made sure I was kept in the loop throughout. She had professional vendors for everything we needed from home inspectors to plumbers to electricians. Whenever I had a question, she was always available to address my questions. In the end, I was really happy with the property I bought which cash flows nicely and I'm looking forward to buying another one with Michelle in the future! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy property in the South Bay. 5 Stars Across the board! - Victor M., Buyer


Michelle was amazing to work with. She was energetic, patient and so hard working when it came to helping my wife purchase our first home. My favorite part about working with Michelle was how incredibly efficient she was. Michelle set aside a few hours a week for us to view anywhere between 5-10  homes. Granted that may not be for everyone, but it's certainly what we wanted. Can't say enough good things about her. - Eddie H., Buyer

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