Thinking About Selling? With the advent of HGTV and other real estate related shows, selling a house looks like it can be short, simple and fun. As you may already know the reality can be quite different.

Although the real estate process is simple, it is not easy. That being said, there are things you can prepare for and do ahead of time to help maximize your chances of having a successful sale. Lack of preparation and lackluster marketing are often part of the reason why some properties sit and end up not selling or some sell for less than they could have. And nobody wants to think they left money on the table right? The good news is there are decisions and factors within your control that can make all the difference in the world in the success of your transaction and that first step starts out with hiring the right agent. 
When it comes to selling one of the largest assets most people have, proper preparation, professional marketing, savvy negotiations and a proven process is vital. Michelle Velasco, has successfully implemented all of these together and has a proven track record and solid reviews from past clients who sold their properties with her.  She has a unique combination of education, training, personality and most importantly, experience that allows her to help her clients navigate through the variables and dynamics of real estate. Whether you are thinking of selling or just curious and have questions, please contact Michelle today. Thank you for us the opportunity to earn your business.



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